Choose your membership plan and gain access to one or several applications that visually portray Montana financial information. The data used in these applications is extracted from the Statewide Accounting, Budgeting, and Human Resource System (SABHRS) to create a business intelligence model that enables the user to simply "click" to produce a variety of reports and visual displays. 

Montana State Data,
Made Comprehensible.

Providing the people of Montana with access to pertinent state financial information and property tax data in a user-friendly platform that promotes informed and fact-based conclusions.


Inside our portal we provide different apps  designed to help lobbyists gain accurate, reliable, unbiased state government financial information to further their cause or argue their position.


This application organizes Montana state revenue by category. Various filters selected provide charts or tables which can be downloaded.


This application provides historical and current state & local tax data which can be filtered statewide, by counties or by cities.


Click this video to preview one of our applications. See how to use it and what the portal looks like. If you have any questions you can get in touch via our contact form below.


Jvision Enterprises is dedicated to providing high-quality data to lobbyists and professionals. Demo one of our applications to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any technical questions or to learn more.


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All data maintained and displayed in the applications is verified for accuracy and reliability against a number of sources.


Data used in the applications is updated automatically by the development team as new data sources become available.


All data sets in the applications are  visualized via charts, tables, maps, etc. Allowing for display based on dynamic filters selected


See How to Use This App Collection and Data for Specific Purposes 

1. Capture

Let’s say you are a lobbyist for a taxpayer association.  The legislature is proposing to change the tax rate applied to a specific type of property.  You are interested in what the current rate is for this property and what the rate has been historically.  

2. Segment

It would be great to see this information by taxing jurisdiction (state, county, or city). You head to this portal’s tax application. Once inside, you select the appropriate page and select the desired filters.

3. Share

You calculate the impact of the change in this rate for each taxing jurisdiction, and you export the relevant data to MS excel.  As a lobbyist, this functionality provides you with the information you need to argue either pro or con for the proposed legislation.


Terry Johnson created this application after his retirement from 40 years of working with the Montana state government. During his career, he explored and learned many of the unique operations of state and local government including the information technology tools to access data. His skills broadened to include finances, tax policies, economics, and legislative processes and procedures. After retirement, Terry began part-time natural resource research and analysis for the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana. Since, he decided to pursue a part-time consulting career taking data and creating good analysis. Using the latest information technology tools (Microsoft BI) Terry puts this good data to use.


While Montana's legislature meets for 90 days to establish a biennial budget and enact legislation to implement new policies or modify existing policies. Many lobbyists don't know where to go to find accurate, reliable data that is easy to understand. This portal is designed to be that. Whether representing local governments, health care, tax policy, natural resource industries, agriculture, banking, education, chamber of commerce, etc...this unbiased resource will help you support your respective economic sectors and advocate for your positions.